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Is The AAF the Last Chance For Johnny Manziel?

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Johnny Manziel Memphis Express

Johnny Manziel is back to playing football in the United States. The question that’s being asked all over the sports world is, for how long this time. The former Heisman Trophy winner was released by CFL’s Montreal Alouettes last month after a reported violation in his contract agreement. Alouettes general manager, Kavin Reed did not give any specifics of the violations. Manziel’s release from the CFL opened up a door to play in the newly formed Alliance of American Football.

The Memphis Express acquired Johnny Football on waivers after he agreed to play on the AAF. The San Antonio Commanders passed on Manziel which put Memphis next in line on the waiver wire. After losing quarterback Zach Mettenberger, Memphis took a gamble on signing the infamous quarterback. The team hopes that head coach Mike Singletary can guide Manziel down the right path and reclaim his glory days from back at Texas A&M. The Express are currently 1-5 in the inaugural season and looking for a spark to get them in the right path.

The million dollar question though is if Johnny Manziel is the right person to do that. After being selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Manziel’s football career has been disappointing. Actually, it’s been a waste. He made some bad decisions and didn’t work very hard to match the caliber needed to play in the NFL. He was often seen partying while others were training and preparing. During games, you could tell Manziel didn’t try very hard to learn the playbook. It was that lack of respect along with a domestic violence investigation that caused the Browns to cut ties with their hopeful phenom in 2016.

The domestic violence charges were dropped after Manziel completed an anger management program. Manziel also claimed to have settled down from his days with the Browns. However, he still struggled in the CFL and rumor is that his attitude, missed practices, and lack of motivation caused him to be released by Montreal.

Regardless of how anyone feels about Johnny Manziel, he does have talent. While he may be wasting that talent, it’s still there. He needs to pull it together though. Many players have been given second chances in the NFL, but this could be the last chance for Manziel. If he rises to the occasion, we may see him on an NFL team soon. If he fails, we may end up talking about how Johnny Manziel wasted his football talent.

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