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Getting The Best Value Out Of Sports Cards Box Breaks

Sports Card Box Breaks

Box Breaks are one of the most common events taking place daily in the sports card community. As prices for a hobby box continue to rise, box breaks provide an alternative to collectors to get certain players or teams at a reasonable price. As box breaks come in a wide variety, each break isn’t for every collector. While these breaks are fun, they can be a nightmare for some. The main issue as to why they can be less than delightful for some is because those individuals don’t understand how certain breaks go down. Keep reading to find out which sports card box break is ideal for you.

Understanding the box break specifics:

Finding the perfect box break for you is quite simple. As long as you understand the parameters of the break, you’ll be fine. Not paying attention to how a certain break operates is why many collectors get upset when they don’t get into the right type of break. If you’re looking for cards of a certain player or team, it’s not wise to get into a high-end break that only consists of five or so cards. Instead, you want to be in a break where the product consists of more cards. This goes for “hit” chasers as well. Chasing autographs can be a great experience, but participating in a break where only one or two hits are available gives lower odds of getting something. This often leads to bad experiences that cause collectors to lose interest.

Collectors also need to understand what is included in the break. Many box breaks only ship the hit cards. Those cards can be autos, game used, numbered, short prints, etc. Base and insert cards usually don’t ship in those type of breaks. So if you’re into collecting base cards of a certain player or team, these breaks aren’t a good fit for you. However, if chasing hits is your cup of tea without the burden of base commons, these box breaks are right up your alley. Know what all ships before you purchase.

Knowing the product is also a necessity. If you’re a collector of prospects, you want to find breaks with a lot (or all) prospects. If you’re looking for hits of Hall of Famers, high-end boxes are usually your best bet to get them. Doing a little research on the product not only saves money but it also gives you a better experience. Some people want something for their money, while others don’t mind gambling for the chance on snagging a superstar auto that’s low numbered. Take a few minutes to do a quick Google search in finding out if the product is best for you.

Another thing you need to understand before you purchase a spot is how teams are determined. Some sellers will sell specific teams, while others will sell spots and randomize teams to everyone. Random spots are usually the same price, while getting a team directly may cost a little more. If you are in a break where you buy a certain team, you should be aware of what all is offered for that team in the product your purchasing. Most breakers do a great job at setting prices in accordance to what cards for that team are available, but some do not.

Research the box breaker:

After you determine which breaks you want to be a part of, now you have to find a breaker that has that product. Box breakers come in a wide variety of people. Some are good at what they do and others aren’t. Experienced breakers are the most suitable way to go if you’re new to box breaks. Many sellers are seeing breaks as a way to make some quick cash, but they don’t understand all of the work that goes into each break. These fly-by-night breakers usually get in over their head. Their breaks are unsatisfactory and often leaves a lot of patrons upset. Linking up with skilled breakers is definitely the best way to go.

Box breakers need to have the right setup. First, the break should be broadcasted live. If the seller states the break will not be broadcasted live and will be uploaded later, steer clear of those guys. You want a breaker that has a good video setup where you can see what’s going on. The more established breakers have the setup layout perfected. You can see them do everything right in front of you. This is critical in box breaks. Some unscrupulous breakers may try to switch out a big-time card. Does anyone remember the Brandin Cooks /99? Breakers with a poor layout could be a sign that their intentions are less than honest.

The fly-by-night guys I mentioned above are the worst. All they see are dollar signs and don’t realize that they actually have to put in the work. They don’t realize how much time it takes to organize, pack, and ship the cards after the break is finished. So what happens usually, is that they fall behind in shipping everything and it cause more chaos. This is where a few minutes of doing research on a box breaker will definitely end with you having a great experience. There’s nothing wrong with a newcomer on the scene, but they need to have a legit setup and be ready to put the work in. A great tool for you to utilize is the Sports Card Scammers Exposed website. This group of volunteers uses the power of social media to keep up with the latest substandard business practices in the trading card community.  It’s the best way to learn about bad box breakers.

Participating in box breaks can be a lot of fun. You get to not only see what you pulled, but you also get to see what other collectors pulled as well. Breaks are also another way to interact with fellow sports card collectors.  So before getting into any trading card box break, always know exactly what you’re buying in to. Doing a little research will go a long way in making your experience a great one. And that’s what the sports card community is about. We want to see this hobby going strong for years to come. Having box breaks around will definitely aid in that happening.


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