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eBay Alternatives to Selling Sports Cards Online

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When someone mentions selling sports cards online, eBay is usually the first site many people think of. It still is the largest marketplace and has the most traffic, but with more and more fees along with many other options coming available, it has lost some ground. When you include shipping costs along with eBay and PayPal fees, many sellers are looking for other alternatives to sell some of their collection. Don’t get me wrong. I have had tremendous success selling on eBay in the past and I look to do the same in the future. However, eBay just isn’t the right place for many sellers and buyers alike. Here are some alternatives if you want to sell online, but would rather avoid eBay.

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All cards with photos and in one location along with $3 flat rate shipping makes COMC a great online marketplace.

COMC has been making a lot of headway in the card market since it’s emergence on the scene. The best feature that COMC offers that many sellers love is that they do a lot of the work for sellers. You complete the submission form and pack up all of the cards you want to sell on their website. They’ll process the order (can take several weeks), they’ll take photos of every card (front and back) and when it’s all processed, you can go in and set prices for your items. They also will handle all shipping so sellers won’t be bothered by packing and mailing out the cards. The fees can get expensive, but someone else is doing the work for you and they have remarkable traffic. The site is very appealing to buyers and more buyers equal more sales. Many sellers are opting to sell their cards with COMC. The search feature is very easy and in-depth for buyers which means they could find your cards easier. Run a few sales or try to sell your whole collection in one swing. You can do it all on COMC.


Not always the case, but groups that have over 2,000 members usually are more active and you’ll see better success in these groups.

Facebook has become a hot spot to sell cards for one very big reason. No seller fees. Many sellers are taking advantage of that as there are an estimated 19,000 active sports card groups on the site. The downside to Facebook for buyers is that there is a far better chance to get scammed and customer service from the seller usually is lacking, but as long as buyers pay with PayPal goods, they have similar buyer protections to eBay. As a seller, always get a tracking number when shipping and send it to the buyer quickly. Buyer traffic can almost rival eBay, but with a lot of sellers, comes a lot of competition. If you price your sports cards competitively, provide quick shipping, and great communication with the buyer, Facebook could be an enjoyable and successful way to sell your sports cards.


Sportlots offers a wide variety of cards and many at great prices.

Sportlots has it all. A marketplace to list and sell all of your cards and you can also list auctions. The fees are a fixed rate and Sportlots gives fee discounts to sellers who sell a high volume and list higher valued cards. This is done to encourage better-valued cards and low prices. To discourage “fly by night” sellers with unlawful intentions, Sportlots will pay the sellers each month what they’ve earned. So there’s a less chance of a buyer getting burned. They also have a good remedy for Paypal’s flat fee per transaction. If a buyer purchases cards from five different sellers, the PayPal flat fee is divided between all five sellers. As long as you provide good customer service, ship quickly, and don’t mind getting paid once a month, Sportlots is a great option for sellers. Traffic is really good on this site as there are a lot of sales being conducted. This is my favorite place to buy and sell sports cards. Some sellers have over a million trading cards listed and are very successful in selling their sports cards on the site.

This site has been around since 2008 and is a forum style site. FreedomCardBoard is a site that offers so much more than just buying and selling sports cards. There are tons of threads where people talk about sports in general, as well as threads that help out collectors in the hobby with advice and help. Members can create a photo album to show off the cards they are trying to trade or sell. Free-standing sites are often forgotten about with the likes of Facebook, but this is definitely one to check out. I like the idea of posting threads because it makes look clean and well organized. It also makes it easier to follow conversations. With over 10,000 members and more than 2 million posts, FreedomCardBoard is a site that is beneficial to any sports card collector. While many sports card sites come and go in a short time frame,  this site is still going strong after a decade. Click here to check out


Listia gives sellers a unique alternative to sell with their credit system.

The first thing you’ll notice about Listia is that you don’t sell items for money, but for credits towards purchasing other products. You can list products in either auction or buy it now formats. The fees are minimal, but they will take a percentage of credits depending on the final price. You can require someone to pay a few bucks via PayPal for shipping, but it is very unpopular and will hurt your results. If you earn enough credits, you can trade them in for cash value, but Listia will take a percentage. This site is becoming more popular as buyers can actually earn credits through affiliate programs and not having to pay anything for credits. An excellent site for getting rid of any unwanted base and common cards. You can exchange credits for cash for a small fee. Listia can be profitable to you for selling sports cards, but it does require a good bit of work. You can also get good deals on sports cards on the site and flip them elsewhere.  Definitely, an alternative worth checking out.

Here are a few of my scores off Listia. Every card was 100% free with the use of Lisita credits.


There are also numerous online retailers you can sell to, but these are some of the best alternatives if you want maximum profit from your cards. Remember, results will vary and depend on how well your service is along with pricing. Many new sellers to a site price way too high thinking buyers don’t know any better. They do and you will leave a negative impression from the beginning. So the more fair and reasonable you are, the more successful you will be selling your sports cards anywhere online.