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Alternatives For College Football Video Games

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A list of known college football games that will hopefully get you by until another NCAA Football video game comes out.
College Football Video Games

If you’re like me, then you’re probably missing college football video games as much as I do. Since EA sports lost their lawsuit in player likeness for the NCAA college football franchise and shelling out $60 million in damages, NCAA football video games have been non-existent. At least on consoles they have. So all of us gamers who loved to play those games are now trying to curb our cravings elsewhere. Whether it was the gameplay and the thrill of controlling your favorite school down the field crushing your rival or if it’s an extensive dynasty run trying to recruit the best players in the nation, college football video games seem to have had something for every type of fan. Now it’s gone. No more updated teams and conferences, no more enhanced or state of the art features, and to some, no more fun.

I’m sure many of you are like me and still get the itch to play. I miss recruiting to build my own dynasty. I also miss carrying my favorite school to video game glory since my real life team can’t even get close. So I fire up my old games on the PlayStation and PSP from time to time to fill the void in my soul. It’s fun, but not quite the same. I want something different from time to time. Something new and edgy or at least, something new to me. While there are very few options out there, there are some options at least. Even if they aren’t the best options, it’s still something that can hopefully fill the void until another college game hits the market. Here’s a list of some good alternatives to college football video games that definitely aren’t the same, but are still quite fun.

Console Games:NCAA Football Video Game There’s virtually nothing out there after NCAA Football 2014, but there are some sites where you can download game files that attempt to update the game. Surprisingly, several run pretty smooth and are enjoyable. While that game is still fun, it’s hard to keep up with the changes in the rules, teams, and conferences in college football. I know many gamers that still play even older versions of the game. I actually even bust out my PSP from time to time and play the 2010 version. Ad Hoc mode anyone? College Football video games were a huge hit all the way back to the early late ’80s and early ’90s. Super NES Playaction Football was my first taste with college games. Bill Walsh College Football brought college football excitement to the Sega Genesis. There have been quite a few college football games produced over the years on many console gaming systems and sometimes, you’ll feed your need by going nostalgic and playing some older games.


PC College Football Games

College games on PC these days don’t have very good graphics, but the depth of the dynasty modes is unreal. Several are a few years old and still ahead of their time. Here are some options of college football video games on the PC.

Bowl Bound College Football: 

This game from Grey Dog Software falls victim to not having an NCAA license, but there’s good news! You can download a mod for real college teams and logos. The text-based game calling is good and the offseason options are very in depth. Especially in recruiting where you have to hire a scouting service and adjust your annual recruiting budget. Being only a PC game is a downer, but this game is an awesome college football video game if you’re a dynasty fan. You can get job offers and even be fired. Check out Bowl Bound College Football.

NCAA Football Video Games

Front Office Football: The College Years


This is an oldie, but apparently a goodie. While this is one I’ve never played, I have read some good reviews about it. I have played the pro football version and if the layout and in-game depth are similar, it probably is a solid game. From what I hear, you can even bribe recruits to commit and of course be placed on probation if you’re caught. That could get interesting.  It’s old though so you would have to play in compatibility mode most likely unless your PC is a 2001 model. You can check out more on the game here.

College Football Video Games

Draft Day Sports: College Football

Wolverine Studios has been making this series for years. It’s very similar to Bowl Bound, but it’s updated yearly. It is pricey though being $34.99 for the 2017 version, but everything is updated. A huge plus is that you can create a league and play multiplayer online. I’m not sure if there are any mods to have real team names yet, but I’m sure they’re on the way. This is the best current college football video game you can play at the moment. You can check it out here.

College Football Video Games

Blue Chip College Football: 

College Football Video Games

This is a very basic football simulation game. The good points are that it’s free and you don’t have to download it. Just run it in your browser. The bad points are poor graphics and it’s too repetitive. You can start dominating after two seasons. Regardless of the cons to this game, it does keep stats and you’ll compete with other players in who has the better stats for a season or a career. This game isn’t too in-depth when it comes to recruiting, but it’s fun, browser-based, and free so if you don’t like it, you’ve wasted nothing but just a few minutes. This is a great time killer as you can even play the game in your mobile browser. You can play the game here.

Tecmo Bowl:

College Football Video Games

Yes I know, this isn’t a college football video game. Or is it? If you know how to code a little, then yes, it very well could be depending on the time you’re willing to spend. A few years back, a mod was made for this legendary game where the teams were replaced with SEC teams. While I’m not sure where to find a mod for this game, but here’s the link to the Blog that tells you how it was done.

Mobile College Football Games:

Mobile college football video games are starting to become more popular even without an official NCAA license. While the mobile games may lack in graphics and on-field gameplay, these games can add a dynasty and strategic feel for the game. Below are the college football video games that you can get on your mobile devices.

Bobblehead College Football: 

College Football Video Games

This is a fun and fairly addictive game. Build your university from the ground up, recruit players, play games against thousands of other players from around the world, and level up your facilities to progress. You earn money and fandom which are used to upgrade buildings and recruit top prospects. The recruiting system in Bobblehead  College Football is pretty basic, but you can recruit by location, prospect caliber, or price. You can also join a conference filled with other players to earn more coins and fandom. While the game has sub-par graphics, you can call the plays and watch your players execute them. The game has in-app purchases, but you can get pretty far for free. The downside is the higher level buildings could take up to a week to upgrade. Overall, This is the most popular college football video game for a mobile device due to the extensive multiplayer game-play. Check out the trailer for Bobblehead College Football. 

Rival Stars College Football:

 College Football Video Games

I didn’t enjoy this game as much as I thought I would, but it was still decent. It’s basically the same concept as any football game. Build your team up by recruiting and try to dominate globally against other players. Develop game strategies to take down your opponents and join alliances to earn rewards and maybe get some tips from others. This game also offers in-app purchases, but it’s free to play. You will need to spend some cash to make it far in this game. Or at least have the patience to build up your team. Check out the Rival Stars College Football trailer.


ACC QB Challenge:

College Football Video Games

This is a nice little flick football passing game. You’ll play an eight-game season against other ACC schools with the ultimate goal of getting to the ACC Championship Game. The object of the game is simple. Earn points by hitting targets on the field. You have four quarters to score as many points as you can. You can also play others in head to head mode which makes the game more challenging and fun. You can find the game on both Google Play and in the App Store.  You can end up spending hours flicking your way to the ACC Football Championship. This Game isn’t just for fans of ACC schools, but it’s great for any college football fan. ACC QB Challenge is a fun and addictive college football game and is also a great solution if you need to kill a little time.

College Football Coach:

College Football Video Games

This is probably my favorite mobile of all college football video games that you can currently play on mobile. Like the majority of others, it has no NCAA license, but you can edit the teams. Actually, you can even edit the conferences and player names. The graphics and game-play are pretty basic, but being 100% free, it’s a decent college football game and is actually really fun to play. Recruiting is a little bland and becomes too easy as your coaching career progresses. The game keeps the main stats and will even induct your best players into School’s hall of fame. You can also edit the teams to real college football teams and some people have already created downloadable metadata to make it easier.  College football video games usually are lackluster in dynasty mode, but this game will entertain the college football coach in all of us.

The games above are the ones I know about. If you know of any other college football video games, comment and tell us about them or just tell us about your favorite college football games that you like to play.